Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Steven Wootton


Growing up with Chiropractic

My father was a chiropractor, so I grew up seeing all the great things chiropractic did.

I’ve been receiving adjustments since birth and still see my chiropractor routinely today. Being under regular chiropractic care helped me feel healthy and capable of doing anything. Experiencing the benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle made me choose to go into the profession myself.

Obtaining a Comprehensive Education

Dr. Wootton attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Being raised with the chiropractic lifestyle allowed him to know what to expect from his challenging education. Dr. Wootton enjoyed learning from instructors like Dr. Virgil Strang, who taught him about the philosophy of chiropractic. He also learned about neurology and how the nervous system interacts with the rest of the body.

The postgraduate education Dr. Wootton has taken includes obtaining a qualification as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP(R)). He’s also received specialized training in workplace injuries over a yearlong course. “I enjoy learning new things about how the body works and how to help improve it, getting it to work to its peak performance.” Dr. Wootton’s love of learning also takes him to the annual Ohio state convention, where he listens to speakers who are experts on different aspects of chiropractic.

Enjoying Life in New Concord

Dr. Wootton is happy to have served our community for over three decades. In that time, he’s helped thousands of patients and wants to continue doing so for area individuals and families. “I enjoy interacting with my patients and taking care of them.”

When he isn’t helping patients, Dr. Wootton spends all the time with his family that he can. He has grandchildren that he enjoys building relationships with, using Skype or FaceTime to talk with them. He also likes getting outdoors for walks or hikes. Dr. Wootton is a referee for soccer games in the spring and fall, getting exercise while interacting with young people and coaches.

Active in his community, Dr. Wootton is a member of the Lions Club and serves on the board of Evergreen Retirement Village, an independent living community in New Concord. He also attends a local church.

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