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The physical, mental and emotional stresses we face in life can take a toll on our bodies.

These stresses cause interference in the nervous system, leading to many common health problems. Chiropractic care adjusts the spine to treat problems affecting the nervous system.

When the body is adjusted, everything works better. You’ll enjoy living pain-free with your maximum health. With chiropractic care, you may find that you have more energy, that your emotions are more balanced and that your body performs at its highest abilities, the way it was intended to.

Living Your Life to the Fullest

Chiropractic Adjustment
We use a variety of gentle adjusting techniques.

Dr. Wootton’s chiropractic care is focused on brain-based wellness. Manual adjustments are used on your spine. The cranial area is adjusted using the Cranial Release Technique(R), which affects areas around your brain and nervous system.

If we complete a stress response evaluation and find areas where your nervous system isn’t operating at peak efficiency, we’ll use biofeedback and neurofeedback to train it back to working optimally. MindFit technologies can help you improve your brain fitness, restoring the balance between the brain and body.

All the tools we use are geared toward getting your nervous system to operate efficiently, re-establishing control of the body so it can express itself the way it’s meant to.

Adjusting to Your Preferences

Chiropractic adjustments won’t give you any lasting pain. You may feel some discomfort when we’re doing the adjustment, but you won’t feel pain unless you came in with it. If you’re nervous about receiving an adjustment, we can use soft muscle and other techniques to gently help you to better health.

We accept insurance, including Medicare. On-site X-rays and emergency care are available for your convenience. Contact us today!

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