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Since 1984, Dr. Steven Wootton has given natural health care and lifestyle advice to the families and individuals of New Concord, Cambridge and Zanesville. Whether we’re seeing infants to grandparents, manual laborers to office workers, we’re interested in helping you be as healthy as you can be!

Our Practice Philosophy

We’re focused on helping our patients achieve their best life. We look at the latest research on how chiropractic affects the nervous system, then work to adjust the nervous system. Through these adjustments, balance is restored to your body so that it can handle stress and work optimally. Chiropractic care can bring you beyond pain relief and symptoms and into a lifestyle of wellness.

The Wonders of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Wootton has helped thousands of patients achieve their best health. One of his favorite stories is about a newborn he saw whose parents felt helpless in enabling their baby to sleep.

The baby went straight from the hospital where she was born to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. After a month, she still wasn’t sleeping.

“Her parents couldn’t figure out what to do. The baby’s aunt said they were going to the chiropractor and brought her into the office. The infant was fussy, but I was still able to give her an adjustment.”

“By the time I walked around the table to hand the baby back to her mother, she had fallen asleep. She slept for a full 17 hours afterward. After not having slept for more than two hours at a time in her entire life, she finally got the rest and recovery she needed. The baby didn’t have any problems sleeping after I’d seen her. I’ve heard a lot of stories and seen remarkable things happen over my years as a chiropractor, but the baby’s response surprised even me!”

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